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this section is not the first exposure of color, but it is the first time exposed a more comprehensive photo. Photos from the eBay seller, although there is no official introduction, but the seller called the "pure platinum" color. The upper features a very beautiful light gradient, with black midsole and a blue / blue lining, with mango trim on the swoosh border. There is no further information on this color scheme for the time being. : yesterday we reviewed James's extremely rare Air Jordan 3 on the NBA, and today the Bulls' Butler has brought the same demo! This pair of Air Jordan 3, "White Cement" white cement matching to Nike, Air, followed by, perfect reproduction of the 1988 classic. With the Air Jordan 3 restart the sale curtain, white cement and black cement will be re engraved in the near future? I'm afraid the 3 generation fans are most concerned about the focus!The two classic colors are coming to the Air Jordan 11 Low low shoe type. Bred black and Georgetown color Air Jordan 11 Georgetown Low will be available in the next year. red color with black shoes collocation of cheap jordans online white midsole and outsole of red crystal, will be on sale in May 23rd. Georgetown color in the classic blue gray in the bottom to collocation, still white, will be on sale in June. The two price is $$170.earlier we reported, to commemorate the "game is one of the most classic Flu Game Michael Jordan Jordan Brand occupation career, in June 11th in the Salt Lake City Pop-up during the open shop limited. This time we have to bring a new store photo list, in addition to the Air Jordan XII "Flu Game" color outside the store, inside and outside decoration and furnishings is called a new shopping experience for customers, including the Air Jordan XII Air Jordan classic color display, illustration and review of the game, let all the fans again relive the classic battle. Friends who have the opportunity to visit must not miss it! The Air Jordan signature series of basketball shoes are what we consider the best and most influential shoes ever designed. All started by what many consider the best player to ever play the game of basketball?C Michael Jordan. It??s crazy to think that Jordan wanted Cheap air jordan 12 ovo to sign with adidas at first for his signature series but reports state that there was a lot of issues going on with adidas during that time. Whatever the reason was, Nike landed His Airness and the rest is history. To this day the Air Jordan signature line is the best selling brand of shoes for Nike. At a time when all basketball shoes were white per NBA league rules, Nike went on to release the Air Jordan 1 in a Black/Red colorway that would force the NBA to fine Michael Jordan every time he played in them. Today Air Jordans are a cultural phenomenon and are the most highly desired series of sneakers in the world. Jordan Brand only releases very limited supplies of Air Jordan Retros every year. Air Jordans still receive the Retro treatment with new and exciting colorways which will always create hype and demand for years to come. More details on each individual model coming soon. Until then browse the images below to see what each different model looks like and which year they were released for purchase. Related: Air Jordan Release Dates Other Notable J Retro jordans for sale ordans Jordan Fusion Collection& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; athletic on the stock market if the international sporting goods market nations like a battle arena, then in charge of the market become the leader of Nike, Adidas and Puma Three Sporting goods manufacturers the Central Plains all the time staged the Three Kingdoms. On every major sporting event in the world arena, Nike hook, Adidas three lines of victory and robust posture will mark cougar three weapons with players fighting hard together. & Nbsp; Of course, in another market, Nike, Adidas and Puma are flashing red and green than the index of a male and female, and that is the stock market. The place is no longer a battle of green lawn under the blue sky, but the New York Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the hall. Nike: continued strong sales in overseas markets US Nike (NIKE, Inc.) (NYSE: NKE) was founded in 1964, 1980 the US market, the price of $ 11 per share value of $ 24 million issued shares. Listing 20 years, in its continuous product innovation and unique sports marketing and management, Nike has b cheap foamposites ecome the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer, the company's share price at around $ 55-60. Nike June 26 this year, announced its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings report, thanks to its sales in overseas markets continues to climb, profits for the quarter surged 32% year on year . Orders Nike clothing and shoes are more than the previous forecast of analysts. The report indicates that as of May 31 at the end of the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006, the company net profit of $ 332.8 million from the same period of fiscal 2006, combined 64 cents / share, a substantial increase to $ 437.9 million, 86 cents close / share; new orders surge 12% year on year, the biggest gain in nearly 10 years. In addition, this quarter revenue increase of 9.4% year on year, reaching $ 4.38 billion. The data also show that the company fiscal year 2006 profit of $ 1.5 billion, combined earnings per share $ 2.93, while the last fiscal year was $ 1.4 billion profit, earnings per share 2.64 dollars. Fiscal 2006 sales of $ 16.3 billion, an increase of 9 percent over the previous fiscal year. Before the r Retro jordans for sale eport came out, that is the beginning of June, the United States of Nike's prospects do not look promising. Bank of America analyst Robert - Ao Mosi (Robert Ohmes) in a research report that the worsening outlook for the US sports equipment industry may affect the Nike (NKE), he decided to Nike's stock rating from "buy" down to "neutral." He estimated Orders Nike FY07 first quarter US market will grow by 5% to a record low at least the past two years. The US market accounts for about a quarter of the share in total sales of Nike's. But ???? also noted that progress in the US market could pressure Nike might be achieved in the European market, the Chinese market in 2008 Beijing Olympics before taking the needs of growth and shareholder-friendly company The action - such as stock buybacks - the resolve. While the impact on the US market concerns, but after Nike's earnings report released shortly after, several research institutions of the latest report of Nike stock analysis are optimistic. CREDIT SUISSE June 27 research report pointed out that although Nike's latest earnings report cheap jordan shoes for men showed the US market grew by only 10%, but in Europe except Britain, France, revenue growth in all countries in Asia is even more gratifying, China an increase of 25%, 08 Olympic Games will make China become Nike's growth engine in the Far East. The research firm estimated that Nike price target over the next 12 months is $ 65. while another research firm CIBC research report July 6 of Nike stock target price from 60 yuan to $ 65, one of the reasons is considered to dominate the market except in East Asia, but in Europe market also began to re-tool vitality. Nike's background 1964 PwC CPA Phil? Knight and track coach BillBoweman each contributed $ 500 to create a Blue Ribbon sports shoes business. 1971 BlueRibbon renamed Nike, adopted the "check mark" trademark represents speed and strength. The initial price of $ 35 a trademark is a university student from the design. 1980 Nike listed for $ 11 per share issue price of $ 24 million worth of shares. Since leading the movement continue to launch new products and fashion trends, coupled with the successful selection of other well-k Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping nown spokesman for the Air Jordan, Nike's business is growing. Is the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer. run rate of more than 30% of ADIDAS German brand Adidas was founded in 1948, in 1995 the stock market in Germany, 1997 ADIDAS AG and Salomon (Salomon) The company merged to form Adidas - Salomon AG (adidas- Salomon AG). Nike is now second only to the world's second largest sporting goods manufacturers. In 2005 the company successfully acquired American sports brand Reebok (Reebok), the stock performed well, and now share price at 45 euros. The figure below shows the share price performance in recent years ADIDAS :( Table II). In the sports field, Adidas may be the only one able to take advantage of investment opportunities to generate leverage profitable company. Since 2005, after the acquisition of the well-known sports brand Reebok, the company's potential surge. After the successful reorganization of Reebok, the company's performance continues to climb. Not only sold in the United States a strong recovery (American market accounted for 32% of the company reache cheap jordans for sale d sales share), sales in Europe have not decreased (market share in Europe is 41%). Total company orders In the first quarter than expected. Reebok's orders rose 3% instead of the previous 7-10% decline was expected, Adidas orders rose 2% in the Americas, Europe grew by 4%, Asia grew by 18%, while the previous estimate is likely to decrease the Americas 4%. Order two brands to increase indicates that the company's sales revenue optimistic, but also that after the acquisition of Reebok being re-entered the track. In addition, in 2008 due to the impact of the Beijing Olympics and the European Champions Cup, the company's sales are expected to scale new heights. Adidas is a major sponsor, in China, Adidas spent $ 1.3 billion to become Beijing Olympic sponsors and the Chinese team's sponsor, the Olympics, although not for the company's products when sales from too direct role, but the Olympics for the company's brand and advocacy role will be a large image, which has a direct impact on the future sales in the Asian market. At the same time the European Cup will be held in June next ye Cheap air jordans for sale ar to bring a lot of opportunities for Adidas. So important. European Cup held in June could bring a lot of opportunities. In this regard, several research institutions are optimistic about Adidas shares. SOCIETE GENERALE Adidas estimated future target price is 60 euros; BERENBERG BANK estimated target price of 52 euros. Adidas Background: Adidas was founded in 1948, named after its founder Adolf Dassler?. Adidas clothing and sports shoes design usually can be seen between three parallel bars, three bars between Adidas features. Adidas originally set up by two brothers in 1948 due to the disagreement, the two brothers parted ways, ADIDAS company to continue to operate by a brother, his brother Rudolf separate portal, established PUMA (Puma), but also to produce a sports-based, two It has since become a real competitor. Adidas constantly develop new products, while vigorously sponsoring major sporting events, when to `Today, the product throughout the basketball, soccer, fitness and adventure, golf and other athletic footwear and sports apparel required. Its products are sold aro cheap jordans for sale mens und the world, the global market share of 12 percent, is second only to Nike's second-largest sporting goods manufacturers. PUMA (PUMA): the company's prospects Under the acquisition rumors, also from Germany, and Adidas can say is the brother of PUMA, from 1948 to now a small manufacturer the world's third largest sporting goods manufacturer, became Nike, Adidas strong competitor. PUMA is listed in Germany in 1986, the stock performance has been good, the company's stock is about 340 euros, this year, about the famous French luxury goods company PPR (owned GUCCI and other international luxury brands) prepare its takeover rumors also makes PUMA stock hot . Below is PUMA's share price performance in recent years (see Table III). PUMA company's first quarter, showing a slight increase in sales and earnings in two ways. The company said its future orders will not be much growth, fiscal performance will tend to moderate. As of March 31, the company in fiscal 2006 profit 096.6 million euros, compared to 093.1 million euros in 2005 earnings, not growth. Puma shares in the first quarter this year, up 6.01 euros, up 5.78 euros per share for the same period last year. While the mediocre performance, but the French company PPR message PUMA its acquisition will undoubtedly bring new growth point. PPR now has been a certain degree of control over Puma. In addition to holding a lot of Puma shares, which owns department store chain PPR and Gucci Group of French company already has three seats on the board of supervisors Puma. For the two companies merge, the industry is generally optimistic. HSBC research report that the United PPR and PUMA is a win-win combination of Beauty and the Beast formula, PUMA's target price of 360 euros they give. PAL.OPPENPHEIM research report issued a strong buy signal, they think the target price will reach 365 euros. PUMA Company Background: From an initial production of sports shoes in Germany only a small shoe factory, and today the world's leading enterprises, PUMA gone through a difficult path of development. In recent years, PUMA's performance flourishing, rich product range than before, a lot. Out of the shadows behind the brand from the early 1990s, PUMA has taken many effective streamlining and savings measures, so that profitable again in 1993. From 1993 to 2001, PUMA turnover increased nearly twice; in 2002 grew by 50 percent to reach 900 million euros; the amount of after-tax profits grew by 84 percent to 073 million euros. In the stock market, the 2001 PUMA's stock price rose by 168%, becoming the most successful German stock; in 2002 rose again to 97%, maintaining the German stock 100 runner-up seats. As the top international sporting goods manufacturers, public financing is not their main purpose. Stock price performance is good or bad company barometer. But early foreign sports industry development, the necessary funds or rely on venture capital and securities markets. When the sports industry developed to a very high stage of maturity, it will be completely out of the venture capital and securities markets, mainly rely on the company's own accumulation. relative abroad, China's sports industry is still in its early stages of development, in addition to raise part of the funds through market-oriented mode, the national investment funds still have a greater dependence, did not achieve the sports industry financing self-development and a virtuous circle. sports industry and general manufacturing different, and their strength is mainly reflected in the brand and sales channels, this part of the intangibles. According to this feature, if you want to achieve the successful listing of the brand and sales channels must address valuation issues, foreign capital markets more relaxed restrictions on intangible assets, the company has a large number of the NASDAQ-listed high proportion of intangible assets, such as patents, generic technology. The upper limit of the intangible our current Board and GEM (to be introduced) was 20% and 35%, thus limiting the sports industry to enter the capital market for direct financing. But in the long run, if the domestic stock market to further improve and develop, it should be possible to assess the category appropriate to relax the intangible assets and limit the proportion of net assets, which would bring the listed sports industry a huge boost.

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