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Chinese shoes Network August 17 hearing after nearly 10 days of the catch on the athletic field, Men's Basketball Championships will drop the curtain tonight, in addition to China and Iran, the last world championships outside seats will also get to the bottom. Global Youth northwest of Nike basketball summit on August 7 to 9, also in the Nike headquarters in the United States - just in time as the adult team competition of the Asian Championships in full swing, a world famous youth basketball tournament Hillsborough Oregon ended. & Nbsp; Beijing on August 15, "Asian Basketball" site famous basketball expert Arthur - cheap jordans for sale mens Volbert authors conducted a special review. The following is the article Excerpt Content: The Nike global youth camp, absorbed seven Chinese team of young players participating. But the summit, the Asian team in general, not only lost all three games, but also in the All-Star Game also played poorly. The team, the best players from China and Australia --7 name comes from China and three from Australia.Three party the day before yesterday announced the first joint " watermelon pants " now there are more details of the picture show. Coincidentally, the strawberry sister is not willing to let the watermelon brother, Retro jordans for sale also will be launched in the 280 paragraph the strawberry pants pants and trousers; is let the girls look more rich and lovely, and boys is dotted with emphasis, clean presentation technique. This group of fruit to sell pants only to be held in Hongkong in December 19th to sell Juice, download (73.37 KB)2008-12-17 CLOT X Medicom Toy 〈br x="" levi's="" "="" watermelon="" jeans"="" danim="" look="" carefully〈br="" 2008-12-17="" 18:38 download (57.01 KB)2008-12-17 CLOT X Medicom Toy 〈br x="" levi's="" "="" watermelon="" jeans"="" danim="" look="" carefully〈br="" 2008-12-17="" 18:38 download ( cheap foamposites 84.42 KB)2008-12-17 CLOT X Medicom Toy 〈br x="" levi's="" "="" watermelon="" jeans"="" danim="" look="" carefully〈br="" 2008-12-17="" 18:38 download (91.53 KB)2008-12-17 CLOT X Medicom Toy 〈br x="" levi's="" "="" watermelon="" jeans"="" danim="" look="" carefully〈br="" 2008-12-17="" 18:38 download (109.61 KB)2008-12-17 CLOT X Medicom Toy 〈br x="" levi's="" "="" watermelon="" jeans"="" danim="" look="" carefully〈br="" 2008-12-17="" 18:38 〉 Download 2012-7-20 08:50 upload download attachment (89.36, KB) The new Nike Air Max 2013 spring 1 Premium three color preview, do Cheap air jordans for sale uble color to create leisure with texture, red, white, black suede leather shoes + color collocation on the dark bottom and Swoosh, the black version is low-key sense of fashion. Three Air Max1 that will be on sale next spring. Do you have your favorite colors? 2012-7-20 08:50 upload and download attachments (75.73 KB) classic sports brand adidas Originals and formerly known as Sean Big Sean Michael Leonard Anderson joint planning carried out this year launched Big Sean x adidas Originals 2014 joint shoes Metro Attitude get a good response in the market. The fan we will bring you details of the plan, the list of i Retro jordans for sale ts charm. Iconic lion head LOGO, use of noble imitation snakeskin material, plus the blessing of floral elements. The more distinctive is the Big Sean singles "First Chain" there in the lyrics printed on the insole. This time the shoe is on sale in its official shop, which sells for ? 1499 yuan, interested friends do not miss yo.NIKE Shox Optimal-- sports players make you more safe to fly in court 2008-04-09 11:29:01 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network www.cnxz.cn & nbsp; [Source: TOM basketball] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoes Name: NIKE Shox Optimal Andre Igoudala PE & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Release cheap jordans for sale Year: 2007 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp ; wearing players: Andre Iguodala & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The main technical:? the heel Shox cushioning technology | synthetic leather | TPU midsole | velcro cross & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recommended reason: Shox budding of work | Philadelphia 76ers swingman Andre Iguodala full endorsement models | White & times; red & times; black color of the shoes meet the Philadelphia 76ers home jersey color & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; summary evaluation: Andre Iguodala commercially player version | Shox VC series after mature works | Iguodala specially designed for the unique AI logo & nbsp Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sale price: 930 yuan & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the nineties shoes market, it is the power of the NIKE Flight series era. Flight Series's also has a lot of good endorsement players - Hardaway, Jason Kidd, Payton is one of the best, and even basketball gods Jordan's signature shoes, such as Air Jordan IV are also among the Flight Series bodiless out. Flight represents a fast and have explosive. The family's players are also the team leader level figures. However, with the Love of old, when the all-powerful veteran also gradually withdraw from the Union line of the stage. Hardaway career ups and cheap jordans online downs, Payton and Kidd's signature series end, have made Flight Series caught without a top spokesperson embarrassing state. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The start of both, especially in this day and age, the 2000 Olympic Games along with Carter shaking dunk, Shox word into the hearts of millions of sneaker! Its structure is through a special column principle provide a smooth and obvious effect of cushioning shoes. So that athletes wearing Shox, when there is a like a spring mounted on the rebound. NIKE researchers initial idea was inspired by a solid fuel rocket triggered, after a long period of trial and error, Shox tec Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping hnology has finally forming. It was also said, F1 suspension system is a source of inspiration Shox. Both arguments have some credibility. But no matter which one, undoubtedly represents a big leap in science and technology in the field of shoes! Shox led many spokesmen let Flight sneaker series back to the stage. Flight only represents a rapidly changing style, more of a "spring people" were the best choice! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, things are not easy. Carter VC series is perhaps the sneaker history mixed record signature shoe series - fans who believe: Shox cushioning makes a powerful shoes have more stabi cheap jordan shoes for men lity; and opponents have their voice: Look Carter, Jermaine O'Neal these players who use Shox shoes, injuries accounted for almost most of the time in their careers, you can say that the relationship between Shox yet? NIKE's top designers are certainly not mediocre, they know that behind every design products, there are always a variety of problems, even Shox is no exception. Thus, a variety of modified products have appeared in front of us - the whole palm Shox, Zoom + Shox Shox built even appear in front of us. All in all, strengthen the protection of the cushioning force to ensure the same time, the past few years have been insisting the Shox line. Today in front of us this double Optimal, to develop good reliable security this feature. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; If you just see these shoes, it may be strapped to the shoe body of adhesive tape attracted - indeed, so strong and complex protection zone, let us think the players in the locker room foot protection bandage wrapped around the scene. Velcro ankle is years of basic configuration - whether the new Shox Testify, Shox Spotlights, is quite old section of Shox Ups, Shox Leapers, this series are invariably used as a Velcro ankle iconic link. Indeed, to ensure the security and stability of the players are NIKE been pursuing the goal. And today we say Shox Optimal, undoubtedly it did limit! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Since the signature shoes and NIKE's contract expires Carter, Shox entered an era of separatist warlords, both Marion, Kirilenko or Jermaine O'Neal, general Springs, Jefferson, they are an integral part of the team's character, but also because of various reasons, do not the boss's position. It has also become unable to launch top Shox signature shoe reasons. But a careful look at the list Shox spokesperson, you will find them in one person more likely to have their own Shox signature shoe, he is the 76ers Andre Iguodala. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; young, with the impact, health, good bounce and superior fitness, these are the advantages Iguodala. Iverson left the Philadelphia since that day, the small group of young people led AI on to the road to recovery teams. Averaging nearly 20 points and six boards and five assists achievement is a testament to his excellent! If one day, small AI led the 76ers back to the teams of the NBA, then this double Iguodala player version, "AI" color Shox Optimal Philadelphia on Logo will evolve into an excellent signature shoe series it ? Let us wait and see! Related news

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