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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Bryant in the Lakers play against the Raptors today choose from injury debut. Which exposed what he wore Nike shoes, the shoes worn by precisely scored 81 points, Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant year when a generation of boots against the Raptors, this time wearing shoes, engraved 81 models, confidence is self-evident. The Zoom Kobe I Prelude (the prelude) have been sold in advance. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion bra Retro jordans for sale nd network.) grand opening of Shenyang international brand headquarters building; 2009, the construction of Third New District of Shenyang bearing the mission of the south tower business gathering area, promoting the project cluster construction, verve and promote the modern service industry to upgrade its generous, destined for the development of modern service industry in Shenyang has left a thick. At present, the south tower business gathering area construction has made significant progress, new life square, Runda shoes Square operation step International Mall to complete the ma cheap jordans for sale in project, Shenyang New World Plaza construction, Shenyang third district first image. In December 19th, a total investment of 800 million yuan, with the Shenyang South District of Shenyang international brand flagship of the grand opening of the headquarters building. Shenyang international brand headquarters building: modern business complex , a total investment of 800 million yuan in Shenyang international brand headquarters project in Shenyang City, Dongling District in the south of investment projects, but also the South Tower District backbone project, covers an area of 11420 sq Cheap air jordan 12 ovo uare meters, construction area of 93638 square meters, including two high-rise towers, 1-7 layer for the brand marketing display area, 8-17 layer for both inside and outside the shoe brand headquarters, is a set of international brand headquarters, international brand marketing, culture exhibition, business office, catering, leisure and entertainment, intelligent parking in one of the modern commercial complex. Shenyang international brand headquarters building is Hongkong YTT Group Co. Ltd. in conjunction with the power of a group of Zhejiang to create an international footwear brand h Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping eadquarters, the headquarters to integrate business resources, build brand footwear exhibition, marketing platform, enlarge the market energy South District, the most volatile headquarters economy gathering, absorption and radiation ability. The construction of the project will enhance South trade blocks to absorb, agglomeration, radiation and expansion ability, to improve the Shenyang business planning and layout, improve residents shopping environment, has important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. Shenyang international brand headquarters building: bui cheap jordan shoes for men ld brand network The improvement of 's standard of living makes people more inclined to brand goods when shopping, so as to improve the quality of life. It is reported that the Shenyang international brand developers Hongkong YTT Group Co. headquarters building investment company headquartered in Hongkong, the domestic industry in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the Gold Coast line ring Bohai economic circle, is the first domestic agents, acquisition of international brands, which owns card Cartelo woodpecker, a number of world famous brand, established in the country more th cheap jordans online an 3000 international brand stores, network throughout Italy, Britain, France and other more than 70 countries and regions. according to Shenyang City, Dongling District to build third Shenyang business circle "strategy, based on high-end, innovative business, let the world brand in Shenyang, let China brand to the world through here, let Shenyang become the world footwear brand gold channel. five star stereoscopic marketing: creating the kingdom of northeast shoes Shenyang International) : because of manpower shortage, the Western China shoes in Bishan have recently lost 1 Retro jordans for sale billion yuan of orders from Italy. Yesterday, from Bishan county and western shoes, said the news, at present, shoes in the more than 1200 enterprises are facing shortage of labor, more than 10 enterprises opened production line blocked. employment gap has exceeded 30 thousand people, "need shoes XX" urgently." Yesterday, nearly 100 enterprises in the western shoes, the gate has posted a large red all kinds of recruitment posters. the head of western shoes said, there are more than 1200 enterprises in the production and management of shoes, and the total number of employees wil cheap jordans for sale mens l be 120 thousand according to an average of 100. "Because of the lack of people, the employment gap has reached 30 thousand to 40 thousand people."." 23 last month, Bishan County shoe office organized 5 companies to hire chengkou. Originally planned to recruit 500 people, only more than 100 people were recruited. According to introducing, at present the shoemaking enterprise inside Bishan county all exists the problem that asks for a job hard. The lack of types of work, mainly to do bags, car bags and other technical personnel. more than 10 enterprises new production line blocked " cheap foamposites I'm as anxious as an ant on a hot pan."." A shoe manufacturer said the company would like to invest about 2000000 yuan in a new production line this month, requiring more than 200 workers. From the hiring case last month, plans for new lines can only be delayed." , the head of western shoes, said there were more than 10 businesses in the new production line because of a blocked hiring. More seriously, a company received a 4 million pair of high-end shoes in 7 days this month (250 yuan each) Italy orders, the total output value of about 1000000000 yuan, but because of the shortage of orde Cheap air jordans for sale rs and dare to daleshuipiao. "If you get this list, you don't need to worry about it next year," the business owner said. But Italy has asked the end of delivery, we must start with full load production from the middle of this month, 4 production lines totaling about 3000 people, the current gap in more than 1000, while only more than 10 days time to recruit people, certainly too late. With foreign countries are very particular about delivery time, one hour late to pay, only to give up the order." two major causes of manpower shortage; , the head of western shoes, believes that the shortage of manpower is not the main reason for the low salary. He said that the western shoe enterprises, for the "package", "car bag" and other skilled workers, out of the minimum annual wage of 18 thousand yuan, the average monthly salary of 1500 yuan, no worse than coastal enterprises. Bishan County shoe Office analysis, two major reasons lead to inadequate employment. First, with the western shoe enterprises to accelerate the development of many of the previous manual workshops upgraded to assembly line production, the demand for manpower has increased substantially; in addition, the strength of the eastern enterprises, a variety of benefitsadidas Originals by NEIGHBORHOOD recently released a new series of bilateral cooperation, following the early release of the spring and summer, overwhelmed immediately served fresh and hot autumn and winter catalog, releasing a single product include full black leather jacket, windbreaker and sweater etc. , where more adidas Originals Superstar series shoes and boots mix, locomotive style full of thick tough leather more cold in the winter, in order to provide an appropriate wearer warm experience.End highlight of Air Jordan IX photo blue color 2013-12-08 22:13:24 If it is not Penny Hardaway We may not have the opportunity to see the black and blue color of the Air Jordan IX. Fortunately now Jordan Brand will be commercially available this double photo blue color of the Air Jordan IX. Earlier spy photos have been exposed, and now more complete pair in front of us. Shoes with black color, coupled with photo blue car line lined heel shoe buckle logo and midsole jumpman logo, and finally attach outsole white, whole shoes simple and clean. will be officially on sale in November this year, the offer price of $ 160.

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